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CMOS settings

Some CMOSes come with special anti-virus settings. These are normally vague about what they do but typically they write-protect your hard disk's boot sector and partition sector (MBR). This can be some use against boot sector viruses but may false alarm when you upgrade your operating system. One sensible setting to make (if your CMOS allows) is to adjust the boot sequence of your PC. Changing the default boot-up drive order from A: C: to C: will mean that the PC will attempt to boot from drive C: even if a floppy disk has been left in drive A:. This way boot sector virus infection can often be avoided. Remember, however, to set your CMOS back temporarily if you ever *do* want to boot clean from floppy (for example, when running a cryptographical checksummer after a cold boot). SCSI controllers have their own BIOS. On some systems, this will override the boot sequence set in CMOS. It's always a good idea to check with a (known clean) bootable floppy after you've disabled floppy booting that it really is disabled. I don't think it's necessary to use the Rosenthal Simulator to do this, thank you, Doren.

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