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Incidents and Internet Growth

Since the CERTŪ Coordination Center began operating in 1988, the number of security incidents reported to the center has grown dramatically, from less than 100 in 1988 to almost 2,500 in 1995, the last year for which complete statistics are available as of this writing. Through 1994, the increase in incident reports roughly parallels the growth of the size of the Internet during that time. Figure 1 shows the growth of the Internet and the corresponding growth of reported security incidents. Figure 1 The data for 1995 and partial data for 1996 show a slowing of the rate at which incidents are reported to the CERT/CC (perhaps because of sites' increased security efforts or the significant increase in other response teams formed to handle incidents). However, the rate continues to increase for serious incidents, such as root compromises, services outages, and packet sniffers.

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