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NBTStat Tool

NBTStat is a useful tool for troubleshooting NetBIOS name-resolution problems. NBTStat -n displays the names that applications, such as the server and redirector, registered locally on the system. NBTStat -c shows the NetBIOS name cache, which contains name-to-address mappings for other computers. NBTStat -R purges the name cache and reloads it from the Lmhosts file. NBTStat –RR (new in Windows 2000 and NT 4.0 SP5) re-registers all names with the name server. NBTStat -a name performs a NetBIOS adapter status command against the computer that is specified by name. The adapter status command returns the local NetBIOS name table for that computer and the media access control address of the adapter card. NBTStat -s lists the current NetBIOS sessions and their status, including statistics

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