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Network Driver Interface

Network Driver Interface Specification (3.1 through 5.0) NDIS 3.1 supports basic services that allow a protocol module to send raw packets over a network device and allow that same module to be notified of incoming packets received by a network device. NDIS 4.0 added the following new features to NDIS 3.1: Out-of-band data support (required for Broadcast PC) WirelessWAN Media Extension High-speed packet send and receive (a significant performance win) Fast IrDA Media Extension Media Sense (required for the Designed for Windows logo in PC 97 and later Hardware Design Guide). The Microsoft Windows 2000 TCP/IP stack utilizes media sense information, which is described in the "Automatic Client Configuration" section of this white paper. All local packet filter (prevents Network Monitor from monopolizing the CPU) Numerous new NDIS system functions (required for miniport binary compatibility across Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000) NDIS 5.0 includes all functionality defined in NDIS 4.0, plus the following extensions: NDIS power management (required for Network Power Management and Network Wake-up) Plug and Play. (Windows 95 NDIS had Plug and Play support already; therefore, this change applies to Windows 2000 network drivers only.) Support for Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), which provides Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM)–compatible instrumentation of NDIS miniports and their associated adapters Support for a single INF format across Windows operating systems. The new INF format is based on the Windows 98 INF format. Deserialized miniport for improved performance Task offload mechanisms, such as TCP and UDP checksum and Fast Packet Forwarding Broadcast Media Extension (needed for Broadcast Services for Windows) Connection-oriented NDIS (required to support Asynchronous Transfer Mode [ATM], Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line [ADSL], and Windows Driver Model–Connection Streaming Architecture [WDM-CSA] Support for Quality of Service (QoS) Intermediate Driver Support (required for Broadcast PC, Virtual LANs, Packet Scheduling for QoS, and NDIS support of IEEE 1394 network devices)

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