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Protecting the Registry

All the initialization and configuration information used by Windows NT is stored in the registry. Normally, the keys in the registry are changed indirectly, through the administrative tools such as the Control Panel. This method is recommended. The registry can also be altered directly, with the Registry Editor; some keys can be altered in no other way. The Registry Editor supports remote access to the Windows NT registry. To restrict network access to the registry, use the Registry Editor to create the following registry key: Hive: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Key: \CurrentcontrolSet\Control\SecurePipeServers Name: \winreg The security permissions set on this key define which users or groups can connect to the system for remote registry access. The default Windows NT Workstation installation does not define this key and does not restrict remote access to the registry. Windows NT Server permits only administrators remote access to the registry. The Backup utility included with Windows NT allows you to back up the registry as well as files and directories. Note: Registry Editor should be used only by individuals who thoroughly understand the tool, the registry itself, and the effects of changes to various keys in the registry. Mistakes made in the Registry Editor could render part or all of the system unusable.

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