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Specifying Permissions for Directories and Files

You specify permissions for directories and files through File Manager (see Figure 6.6). Notice the icon of a key at the far right of the tool bar. By highlighting a file, series of files, or directories, you can have highly granular control over your files. This is where IIS offers a significant advantage over other products. It is fully integrated with the NT security system. You do not have to maintain separate sets of clearances for your system. You can use it to set private sections and pages on the Web. Remember, though, if you set up a secure area on the Web, make sure that all the associated objects used in the secure area have their permissions set accordingly. If you lock the main .HTM file in the directory but nothing else, a user can go beyond that doorway and into the secure area. You have secured the .HTM files, but not the associated .IDC or .HTX files. As a result, someone can access the .IDC file directly, instead of using the link that you intended.

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