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User Rights

In addition to access privileges granted or withheld through an object's Access Control List, certain users may have additional rights that pertain to the system or domain as a whole, as opposed to specific objects under NT's control. Examples of user rights are: shutting down the system, changing the system time, backing up files and directories, restoring files and directories (separate from the backup right), adding workstations to the domain, taking ownership of files and directories, accessing the computer from the network, and loading and unloading device drivers. User rights can supersede object Access Control Lists that would otherwise deny access to an object. For example, a user with the right to back up files and directories can read all files and directories even though some of them may have Access Control Lists denying this user read access. The right to back up files and directories can apply on the local workstation level or to the entire domain. Administrators can grant or deny user rights through the Domain User Manager tool.

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